PACCHERI FRESCA (new) 9.20 Paccheri pasta, courgetts, garlic, chilli, fried spinach balls, cherry tomato, parmesan


PESCATORA 13.50 Fresh seafood linguine calamari, mussels, king prawns cooked with white wine and cherry tomatoes (Available with risotto on request)

GNOCCHI TOSCANA 9.90 Homemade gnocchi pasta with chorizo sausage, fresh tomato mascarpone cheese and baby spinach

TAGLIATELLE PRAWNS 11.90 Fresh Tagliatelle pasta with prawns, asparagus, fresh chilli, onion (available with risotto on request)

PACCHERI CON POLLO 9.90 Pacheri pasta with chicken, broccoli cream and tomato sauce

CUORICINI DELLO CHEF (new) 11.90 Fresh pasta filled with turkey, butternut squash and pink sauce

CANNELLONI TRICOLORE 8.90 Fresh pasta tubes filled with creamy spinach & ricotta, topped with mozzarella and b├ęchamel sauce

RABBIT CASARECCE 11.90 Homemade fresh tagliatelle pasta with slowly cooked rabbit ragout, mascarpone, lemon, garlic and herbs

RIGGATONI CONTADINA 9.20 Pasta with broccoli, peppers, courgettes, cherry tomato, basil

RISOTTO SALSICCIA 10.90 Risotto with chorizo sausage, mushrooms, peppers and touch of cream, rocket and parmesan

LASAGNA BEEF (homemade free range beef ragu) 9.40

TORTINO ALLA ROMANA 11.90 Tagliatelle pasta with homemade Bolognese free range beef ragu and meatballs wrapped in Speck ham, rocket